The Finnish Linux User Group FLUG has awarded Jukka Ehto, the IT chief of the city of Kankaanp√§√§ with the Linux Contributor of the Year Prize. Lehto managed a large virtualization and desktop project(1) in the city, using Red Hat’s virtualization technology. In the process, he shaved off about 50% of his budget and 10% of the average time to deploy a new workstation. The prize includes a 2000 euro award.

Jukka’s example is a great reminder for all of us that using your brain is allowed even in the public sector. :)

The committee also decided to give two honorary mentions. These go to Jarkko Moilanen for his great work in the Meego Network Finland community, and Hannu Martikka who has done wonderful work in advancing Linux awareness in Nokia.

Congratulations to all!

(1) I know I know, the story smells like Red Hat marketing, but I couldn’t find a better one in English quickly.